Welcome to the Hartman Cigars website

Hartmancigars.nl is part of Hartman Cigars, one of the Netherlands’ official resellers of Havana Club Collection ashtrays, with no connection to Havana Club owned by the Pernod Ricard Group.
Since being founded in 1999, Hartman Cigars counts itself among the most widely known and appreciated names in the Dutch cigar-smoking culture. With 2 unique stores located in the center of Amsterdam,  you will always find friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist, advise, and make you feel right at home.
At hartmancigars.nl we offer the complete range of the Havana Club Collection.
The Havana Club Collection has enchanted a large number of cigar afficionados and proffessionals with its range of elegant, practical objects directly inspired by the Cuban Art of good living.
This product fine, featuring warm, zesty colours and variety of shapes, is containly enriched and renewed with the launch of new models created by talented designers.
Feel free to browse through our online collection, or visit one of our stores for our complete selection of products, and a staff ready to be of service and assistance.